Ways to build a character

The ability to control oneself
The individual must be able to control and control oneself, try to absorb the reactions and responses of others, accept their views, criticism and observations away from boredom, tension and grumbling, and must also have the ability to make the right decisions and make them with confidence, it is It can be said that people with a strong personality are firm in all situations, away from hesitation or fear.

Reading and reading
Reading, reading, reading and learning about the cultures of other peoples, and taking care to educate in all areas of religious, social, philosophical and literary life plays a major role in building the individual's personality, as more reading helps the individual to practice self-reflection and increase his or her experiences and information, Thus, it gives it the opportunity to develop, contributes to the formation of a creative and innovative character, the formation of critical thinking in the individual and the development of his inclinations and interests.

Learning from mistakes
For the development of the personality the individual must learn from his mistakes, especially if he learns something new, because everyone is prone to make mistakes, and learning from them cultivates in the person a love of achievement and progress, and enhances the sense of competition for him to learn more and learn, so it is preferable to deal constructively with these mistakes, and accept them Confronting them is merely a corrective measure without negatively affecting an individual's psyche.

Imitating others
If the latter knows a great person with a great personality, he or she should observe that person and observe his actions by heart; Positive for that person and learning from it as much as possible, and in this way the individual benefits from his imitation of others and his personality begins to grow and develop in a positive way.

It is important to think about what actions and decisions they will make before they step towards any goal, because rushing and rushing without thinking deeply can lead to adverse results, it can be said that thinking helps a person make the right decisions that enable him to achieve his or her choices and goals, so you should think carefully before doing anything.