Learn how to be happy

Get enough sleep
You become happy when you adhere to a healthy lifestyle that includes a good quality of sleep ranging from 7-8 hours during the night, with all electronic devices needed to be closed an hour before bedtime, and adhere to this schedule on a daily basis in order to get positive energy that increases activity and improves personal performance during the day.

Healthy Eating
Happiness comes when you feel the internal satisfaction after achieving the goals, and eating healthy food, such as: lean proteins such as meat and fish with green vegetables, this helps to maintain the activity of the metabolic process in the body throughout the day, thus providing the body with the energy necessary to continue to Today's business, while eating canned and refined foods increases inactivity and causes many digestive problems such as gas.

Controlling stress levels
One way to be happy is to control stress levels, and there are many, such as: learn some time management techniques, talk to others about the most important things, exercise regularly, spend time to enjoy and entertain, exercise breathing and other ways to shrink Stress, stress and anxiety, thus opening the way for positives in life.

Helping people who are less fortunate in life increases happiness, restoring the light to someone else's life and seeing happiness and gratitude in their lives is heartbreaking, so using personal skills and experiences to help others, such as providing food to the poor, helping the elderly and other volunteering It's a reward in itself.

There are many benefits of exercise, including: burning calories, strengthening muscles, increasing activity and enthusiasm during the day and other benefits related to the physical components of the body that will keep the body healthy, but it is considered a natural booster for happiness as well, exercise Exercise leads to the release of a happy chemical called endrophen.