Qualities if you have, you are definitely a psychopath.

Crimes are widespread within the Arab world, and most of those who carry them out are classified as mentally ill people who live with their families, as time bombs or a project of a murderer who can unleash his criminal imagination at any moment, because the family does not want to say that her son is mentally ill, in order to avoid the view of the inferior society for them.

Dr. Ali Zari, a psychologist, explained that there is no particular symptom on which to base, but there are signs that you or the person in front of you or living with you within the family, work or school have a mental illness, and that he needs to be reviewed by psychiatric clinics.

There are two types of mental illness, what goes the mind, which does not affect the mind, today we will talk in our article about some signs to learn if you need to see a doctor or not, and the signs are:

1. A person's sense of strange thoughts:

Mental illness

It is one of the signs that Dr. Zari spoke of and belongs to the first type, so the human being feels strange ideas we call misguided or he began to think incorrect beliefs such as the feeling of persecution of those around him, or he may be afraid of attacking him at any moment and feel that his family or neighbors or may do this attack,  This is why he is motivated to take revenge on the person he suspects or tries to kill to get rid of the feeling of fear you have.

He added: "This type of misinformation, including schizophrenia and psychosis, is known as the most famous type of hindi, violent psychiatric patients.

2. A person's pattern of behaviour and ideas has changed from the previous one:

As if he is transformed from a cheerful and energetic person to an isolated person, who reduces his words and is also a little bit of a look, he has strange inquiries and questions that resemble an investigation and constantly demands evidence.

Dr. Zairi explained: This is one of the early signs of mental illness, such as the teacher who killed his colleagues in Jazan, he was a social and lovable person, and suddenly he turned to a very isolated person, until the time his colleagues noticed the change, in terms of strange and unusual questions, and then Days later, he shot his colleagues, killed them at work.

3- A person is absent from the house for a long time or staying in the sun for periods without purpose:

My visitor has mentioned that the absence of a person from the house for a long time or staying under the sun for periods without any purpose, and his unnecessary disbursement of money, in addition to the verbal, physical, sensory and moral threat by saying I will kill or I will avenge and many other dangerous terms, is a sign of the presence of a mental illness that can develop into stages A Aggravated gravity.

4- The mood that is unfamiliar with the person to behave unconsciously:

The unusual mood of a person makes him act unconscious, and the frequent talk about the person or the lack of speech, or the unusual loudness and the low or rapid ness of the voice.

5- The external form is indicative of mental illness:

The external form is indicative of mental illness, and this can be known by neglecting one's self and clothes and not bathing for weeks, neglecting hair and biting nails, all of which indicates fear, anxiety and confusion, as well as the change of time and cognitive place in the patient, such as learning about time and history Time, and he doesn't know who's around him, he doesn't know his family.

It is also indicative that judging things in a logical and correct way may indicate with other symptoms of the existence of a psychological defect such as judging things as being destroyed, and that other people are bad and not equal, in addition to the lack of foresight of the person such as not realizing that he does not need to work or even go to the doctor or not realizing that he passed Really, which shows a lack of foresight, at this time really the person will need to see a psychiatrist.