Entertainment Without Limits

The increase in the manifestations of luxury in the world and the emergence of community segments characterized by unlimited wealth, the fields of entertainment and its means jumped to the limits that did not exist before in any historical era preceding this era, and entertainment is now a huge industry that generates billions of dollars annually on its operators where it explains Tourism sector statistics that places to engage in public recreational activities is one of the most attractive places to attract tourists or even visitors citizens, and it is worth mentioning that the external entertainment sector generates an annual income on the U.S. economy of $730 billion annually, which saves 6.5 million jobs New every year. Entertainment itself today is a fundamental human right under the Universal Charters of the Human Rights Society.

Entertainment sectors
We see departments operating under larger administrative sectors such as tourism, such as the National Parks Department, the YMCA, Disney World and Cinema City. American Hollywood which India headed to create its Indian counterpart Bollywood.

The importance of entertainment
The diversity of the responsibilities of the individual in the modern era and the emergence of new necessities of life in line with the modern era, and with the increased pressures of time and individual and societal needs due to the multiplicity of tasks of the individual and the many obligations of the individual, the importance of recreation and recreation of the human soul to get rid of the troubles that go with Fulfilling the individual's obligations while he is expected to carry out his duties.

The need for recreational and recreational activities is currently an important and essential element in psychology and human biology, as well as entertainment linking the integrity of the mind and physical health, where the individual performs recreational activities, which is exceptional today for his normal life. By moving some muscles and some exercises for his vital organs without knowing what he is not available to use to the same extent on his usual day, that is also what he might consider to be just an act he does for fun or entertainment and add some fun to the rhythm of daily life to break the routine of life and vitalize his life.

History of Entertainment
The first use of the term entertainment and its first appearance in English in the late 14th century, where it meant the restoration of activity or healing from diseases, and the term itself appeared as a derivation from the ancient French language, which in turn took it from the old Latin language, and seems to us to be transmitted from Drawings, inscriptions and books of the ancients that this life activity has origins extending to the depths of ancient history, we see in some of them the recreational activities that they were carrying out in order to give joy or happiness, coupled with celebrations most of the time, looking at the history of civilization to the modern era will find that Entertainment was an essential feature of humanity and became more and more taken care of as civilization grew richer and more developed, reflecting the values and personality of the nation that was widespread at the time, so entertainment was an essential element in personal development and civilizational development.

Forms of entertainment
Forms of entertainment vary according to individual interests and the surrounding social structure, it may be in the form of group or individual activities, may be socially useful or harmful to society as well, healthy or unhealthy, and may be effective or ineffective, as entertainment activities are innumerable, such as cinema and theatre, Or reading, playing music, watching movies or TV, hunting, sports, travel, gambling, drinking alcohol, or even drug use and similar illegal activities, indicating that certain recreational activities may be acceptable or unacceptable, including what is permitted within certain limits Overcoming it has become harmful and negatively impacted on the individual and his surrounding environment.

Although human beings' view of entertainment differs among those who see it as an overdue time and useless extravagance, others see it as a major requirement and a life necessity to renew the energy of the individual and restore his ability to continue his efforts and responsibilities towards himself and society, which allows the individual to look or Reflecting on the values and realities that are missing from life and contemplating the course of the individual's life and thus providing the opportunity to develop it or even by reading or philosophizing what may lead to the development of the mental structure of the individual, and the key here is the reflection of entertainment on the life of the individual in the affirmative or negative, but entertainment is like any other human act Overdoing it is unacceptable and unnecessary, and has a negative effect on itself and collectively.