The difference between a leader and a manager.

The difference between a leader and a manager
People usually confuse the word leader with the word manager, believing that the two words are two sides of the same coin or that they are synonymous with the same meaning, but the reality of the matter is not so, the manager is completely different from the leader, and each of them has his qualities, characteristics and advantages, what is the difference between them?

We summarized for you, dear reader, both the leader and the manager in points read it so you know the difference.


  • The manager's qualities are summarized as follows:
  • deals with a rigid system
  • Accept the status quo as it is
  • Uses the president and subordinate method
  • Keeps things done the same way.
  • Depends on censorship
  • Works through laws, rules, policies and procedures
  • He asks how and when.
  • Stay away from problems and mistakes
  • Focuses on order and laws
  • Looking for expectations and speculation
  • Focuses on steps and schedules
  • It's short-lived and depends on the present.
  • He expects others to abide by the rules.
  • The manager does things right.
  • The human element: structures, policies and procedures
  • Governing groups
  • Keep things the way they are.
  • His interests are usually executive steps and programs
  • Its output is the system and the knocking.
  • His decisions are based on the past and on experience.
  • He heads some employees.
  • He's trying to be a hero.


  • A lot of creativity.
  • A lot of development and change.
  • He does the right thing most of the time.
  • It focuses on the human and the human element.
  • Features a future foresight and the ability to plan
  • It depends on trust.
  • He asks what and why.
  • Looking for change.
  • He endures mistakes and problems.
  • Works outside the laws, policies and procedures.
  • Influence through participation.
  • Focuses on strategic vision and plans.
  • He earns followers.
  • He applies ideas.
  • He makes heroes.
  • The institution is elevated to high heights.
  • He uses a colleague-to-colleague method.
  • He works himself.
  • He deals with his wisdom and involves others in management.
  • convinces his followers.
  • Planning and foresight in the future.
  • Motivates and inspires those who follow him.
  • He's interested in strategies and vision for the future.
  • Changes the situation until it reaches what it sees fit.
  • He's got good relations with the people he's dealing with.
  • He cares about team spirit and morale.
  • He takes advantage of opportunities as he sees fit.

We hope that the dear reader will help you to know the difference between the leader and the manager and not to confuse them again.

He also knows the manager as the one who manages the work assigned to him as he is the one who works to keep the wheel of work in addition to managing his team based on his strength and functional control as he also performs many duties in the right way.

As for the leader, he is known as the person who innovates and renews and is distinguished in any work entrusted to an hobby that he does alone as he is always looking for what is useful for the development of his skills and experiences in addition to that he depends in his management of his team with his self-confidence, abilities and experiences as he often does and does the right things.

The manager is also considered a career name obtained through promotion, which may come from many years of experience in addition to his scientific progress, planning and guidance and he is characterized by a strong personality and the main goal is to guide and manage the organization team to achieve the goals of the institution for which they work.