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Customer Service
Customer service is based on ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service, where customer service is done through various transactions with the customer, such as making sales or returning a purchase, and can be set up in various forms, such as: phone calls, personal communication, or through systems Self-service, as an important part of maintaining relationships and continuity with customers, to ensure the continuity of the company's success, and customer service staff are the part that interacts directly with customers, who represent their image.

Tips for providing excellent customer service

Dealing with the iPod client
Customer service begins with a smile when the customer deals with the employee face-to-face, where the employee greets the customer with a warm greeting when he sees it, while assisting him if requested, but when dealing by the phone, the smile can be shown in the voice so that the employee can appear friendly to the customer.

Staff training
Training customer service staff and other employees is very important to teach them the right way to deal with different customer problems, and staff are equipped with the tools they need to provide good customer service.

Listen well
Listening is one of the simplest secrets of customer service, as the employee listens to the customer even when he speaks out, listens to what the customer does not say through his signals, and monitors signs of resentment as he speaks.

Punctuality and follow-up
Failure to meet deadlines is a sure way to lose customers quickly, as you must ensure that the work can be completed on time or on time or even before the scheduled date, if the customer is given an appointment to fill out orders, repair a service or product, and if not. Check deadlines, contact the customer quickly, clarify the situation, and try to determine another date and time.