Innovative marketing ideas

Competitions are one of the most widely used marketing strategies, as there are many competitions that do not require the customer to purchase products but also complement their idea of promoting the brand, putting the logo and company name in front of the public, in order to draw attention to the company's products. Without any abuse of a person's freedom to buy, everyone likes to receive prizes.

Free workshops
Free workshops related to the services or products provided can be provided through the rental of a particular place or through a local educational institution, in order to target the public and exploit certain distinct events, for example by providing a yoga instructor with a course for a number of men. Or for the elderly.

Free gifts
Giving free gifts to the public is strange, as employers try to raise money through sales and not distribute it free of charge, but it's an important marketing idea. Comes:

  • Provide free samples from the product.
  • Provide a free e-book or booklet.
  • Providing a food basket to needy families.
  • Grants for local students.
  • Provide additional service free of charge.

Linking marketing to charitable activities
Some companies can promote themselves by supporting a strategic cause that preoccupies public opinion, as customers are satisfied that they are part of a big thing for their use of certain products, and in this way the company is promoted with many customers at the same time, and that is by giving a portion of the price or From the profit of the product for the case that the company has pledged to help.

Create a blog
A blog can be created and used to build the public and reach those interested in the products and services provided by the project, as it is easy to create blogs, by regularly writing about product-related topics and campaigns.