Best Marketing Methods

Social media
When talking about the best marketing methods, it is not good to ignore social media and its impact on the success of many businesses, many projects have been done through social media alone, and the person may find it difficult at the beginning, but it becomes easy over time with the recognition of The best ways to publish to attract customers, as well as the use of a specialist in the field of marketing through social media if the budget is available, and if not, the person can start marketing his own products through his ideas that he finds appropriate to provide the public with information about his product, where Instagram and Snapchat platforms can be used to communicate with customers.

Publications are a cheap media, where a person goes close to his place of work and distributes these leaflets to mailboxes or people in that place, and publications must be short and concise, taking into account the highlight of the product or service they provide, in addition to the Contact information, for example, it is useful to offer a discount to the publication holder.

In most public places, supermarkets as well as shopping malls, there is space to display free billboards, but you should try to make the label reasonably visible to reach potential customers, and the label can be placed in more than one place and in different colours to draw attention.

Interactive Marketing
Interactive marketing is based on encouraging effective consumer-to-consumer participation and marketing campaign, as it helps the customer interact with the campaign through a two-way conversation that improves the experience through the Internet, and the importance of interactive marketing is that customers want the company to recognize them. As individuals rather than groups, for example, a person may want to see their name every time they log on to the company's website, and interactive marketing allows you to receive and provide accurate feedback about the product.