How do I start trading?

Trade is one of the oldest human activities ever, and it has evolved to its modern form with the development of man and its social relations, it began in the form of the exchange process in order to meet the needs and evolved into commodity exchange, and with the invention of money, currencies became the intermediary used in trade The market has become the determinant of the value of goods.

Entering the world of commerce carries a lot of risks for beginners and inexperienced, but good study and knowledge of the most important elements of doing business can reduce those risks, and cause the success of the business, so anyone who wants to start a trade should be careful and study how to work before Risk.

How to start a trade

  • Defining the field of work: There are many areas where money can be invested, but lack of focus and the desire for quick profit can lead to very negative results, so you must identify the field and start studying it well, know the movement of the market and the profitability of its work and the expected time to rise in Trade in this area, and it is preferable to work in a specialized place in order to gain experience without financial risk, as some time of work to gain experience causes a lot of knowledge that can be used in difficult times.
  • Establishing a network of relationships: No matter how advanced technology and marketing and sales methods, the trade is based mainly on a network of good relationships, and a good trader is the one who can deal with his customers and suppliers in an atmosphere of familiarity and affection, where traders in many difficult times rely on that network of Relationships in solving outstanding business problems and even obtaining financial financing in order to expand the business or complete a transaction, and can start establishing that network during the working period for experience in that area, it is only during that period that you can know the most important suppliers and the status of the market and the reputable people of  The bad.
  • Access to capital: In the absence of personally funded capital, obtaining financing will be the most difficult task, as risking others' money is not an easy task, so getting a low-interest loan from a bank or microfinance institution would be a good thing if Having a well-provided study of the project, and in case of refusal, getting a good loan from a family member or friend to do the business is the best solution in order not to burden yourself with paying interest.