The best ways to choose a router position in the summer

Electronic devices are generally affected by the marked rise in summer temperatures, as are the cases of "routers" that are heavily influenced by heat, especially if they are placed in a poorly ventilated place, which is negatively reflected while you are using the Internet.

1- Well-ventilated place
Always choose well ventilated places, so that the device can leak high heat, and it can also work normally without being affected by temperatures.

2- Away from other devices
It is always recommended to put household routers away from those devices that emit radio waves, which are a source of sources that affect the efficiency of Internet signals to and from the router.

3- Near your use
You should place the device close to your use, especially if you are connected to the router via Wi-Fi.

4- High and central place
The router should be placed in a high and central location, if there is a high place in the middle of the room it will be an excellent location for the device.

5. Links that will strengthen the Internet
This is the best solution to solve the problem of slow internet in cases of high temperatures, as there are links that strengthen frequencies that can strengthen the Internet.