Human resources support

Human resources
They are all individuals who have sufficient skills to work in a field, and are also known as a group of employees who perform specific tasks within a common work environment, and who have to succeed in work, drawing on their own experience and career qualifications. The term human resources is an administrative term, which is concerned with managing the work of individuals, making them more involved with the nature of their jobs, and choosing the right people in the right places.

Human resources support
Is to provide all the means and tools that contribute to making the work of the individuals within the establishment done properly, and the more integrated the work environment, the more successful the work is to apply the work. Human resources can be supported based on the following points:

  • Having an appropriate work environment, which contributes to making employees work efficiently.
  • Rely on each employee to deliver tasks commensurate with his or her academic and career qualifications.
  • Achieving the principle of justice in dealing with all employees.
  • Take care to train and qualify new staff.
  • Provide rewards and incentives to employees.
  • Respect for the special and personal rights of each employee.

Human resources units
Human resources are distributed within a single facility to a set of units:

  • Central Unit: Is the one that is interested in following up the staff within the facility, and provides services to all departments, such as: providing staff with writing pens.
  • Commodities Unit: It is the one that is interested in following up on individuals who work in productive means, and prepares reports to department heads on the nature of the workflow.
  • Factory unit: It is the one that is interested in following up the factories of the same company, and is directly connected with the general manager.
  • Mixed unit: It combines the previous three units with a single management model that contains centralized follow-up of employees, goods, and factories.

Human resources planning
It is the administrative method that all organizations and companies rely on in developing appropriate plans to work on the recruitment of individuals in the departments, and the various functions within the establishment, and the planning of human resources depends on a range of important things, namely:

Study ing business objectives
The task is to determine the nature of the objectives that the work will implement, and depends on examining the need of the establishment to fill specific vacancies, coordinating the nature of the available positions, the number of employees to be recruited, and the skills they must be distinguished by, in order to be assigned to a job that corresponds to with their scientific qualifications.

Estimate of staff numbers
It is an activity based on the preparation of a schedule and digital chart aimed at estimating the number of employees who contribute to all the functions within the establishment, and keep it functioning properly, and the application of this step is linked to a group of individuals who have sufficient experience in managing facilities and human resources. In it.

The government's position on the government's position
Is the selection of an employee or group of employees to fill a certain position under special conditions that must be met in each applicant, and when all or most of the conditions meet the personal and academic qualifications of the applicant is selected, and tested, also called (interview), and may include an examination To measure his skills, to be appointed if successful by demonstrating his ability to work in the available job.