How to become a trader from scratch

If a person wants to become a trader, he or she has to make a self-assessment of himself before he or she is involved in the trade, to make sure that he or she can be a trader, and that can be done by knowing whether he or she has knowledge of finances and political psychology, and whether he has the necessary equipment to lead Business, as well as its ability to work long hours, the ability to continuously teach without guidance and the ability to take risks.

Learn the basics of trading
A good understanding of the basics of trading will enhance the success of the professional, and these basics include all the real-world information related to trade, such as: market knowledge, changes in supply and demand prices, types of demand, risk management, working hours and how to monitor performance. Work, identify the capital required for efficient trade, etc.

Adequate capital processing
In trading no one can make fixed profits, and naturally go through periods of loss, and the transaction may face successive deals at a loss and then one transaction is made to compensate for what he lost previously, and it is possible to do the opposite as well, so entering the trade with small capital is a definite way of failure, and the amount of capital varies Money depending on the purpose of the trade.

Gaining experience
Although the practice of trading activities does not lead to idealism in the profession, it can improve strategies at work by noting different market changes, and the hire may find that the strategy he used previously does not achieve the required performance, which drives him to find Better ways to work, in addition, enable scabies experience to adapt quickly with market changes.

The presence of the financial intermediary
The business will be able to operate in a commercial intermediary at the start of the business activities, and its mission is to enable the hire to gain access to the markets within its scope, so that it offers good deals for a proper commission, and its importance is also indicated as a trading partner for hire.