How to start my own business

Project: Is the work of an individual or group of individuals named (company or organization), which they plan to achieve its goal, organize efforts to work on it efficiently, and use all available and allocated resources for the project, such as financial resources, for satisfactory results.

The project is also defined as: the ability to do something, in an innovative manner, in accordance with a careful plan, and an extensive economic feasibility study, usually starting from an idea, which is deliberated and discussed for implementation, postponement, or the choice of an alternative idea.

Perhaps the most widespread types of business-related projects, aimed at providing a particular commodity, or service, for profit, after examining the needs of people in the market, and the higher the profit ratio, the better the project is developed, and the aim of the project may be to do business Humanitarian, such as providing assistance to poor families, or providing treatment costs to those who do not have the financial capacity to do so, and whatever the type of project, all available means must be provided to maintain its success on a permanent basis.

How to start my own business
In order to start a special project, you need to recognize the basic steps of working on the project to achieve its goal and thus its success.

  • Choosing the idea of the project: The idea of the project should be, somewhat new, and aims to provide useful services to others, and to have positive results for the entrepreneur, and be ready for application on the ground, and implementable after the completion of the rest of the steps and elements of the work on the project.
  • The economic feasibility study of the project: The work on the preparation of an economic feasibility study for the project, contributes to the formation of a vision, how successful it is, its polarization of the market in which it will be presented, and the knowledge of the revenues to be achieved through it, and in this step determines either to continue working on the idea of the project, or to choose an idea Another project, with better economic viability.
  • Availability of financial resources: In order to work on a project, there must be sufficient capital to cover the full needs of the project, from providing production elements, staff, where the project will be established, and determining and calculating the amount of costs to be spent on its implementation.
  • Start project implementation: When the previous steps are successfully achieved, work on the implementation of the project begins, by following the plan designed for it and paying the costs allocated to work on it, in accordance with the pre-arranged financial arrangement, and this phase is carried out by supervision, guidance and organization of resources All available, in order to reach the completion of the project entirely according to the specified date.
  • Completion of work on the project: After the implementation of the project in full, the project is presented to its target group, to assess its success, and to work to correct any obstacles that may arise suddenly, which were not planned, or put forward during the feasibility study, in order to ensure the success of the project, and its continuity efficiently and effectively .