How to detect false information on the Internet

Because you live today in the world of information revolutions, and the media is developing dramatically, you must be aware of the full sources of information that make you not fall victim to false information, according to the new media specialist Maram Al-Khudair that the information today is easy to obtain, but the hardest It is all about knowing the credibility of the information and its absence from the rumors and mistakes that may occur in it.

Through this article we will present 5 ways to help you uncover false information to make it easier to make sure it is true and safe, and these methods are:

1. Add FIB to your web browser:
This tool will find it in one of the icons of your browser and will act as the device responsible for the safety of information from falsification, and check the sources of information that has reached you or wanted to search for it.

2. Add Fake news Alert:
It helps you detect counterfeit information on the Internet by displaying an alert on the sites where you have the same information you have obtained and studies that prove it correct or wrong, but it does not work alone but you have to identify it to do the research and extract the results in the form of an alert message.

3. Snopes website:
If you want to reveal the rumors you receive, just go to this site, search through the use of a keyword for the rumor, and you will see if it is really fake information and rumors that have been authenticated and circulated until they have reached you or are it true, but have been modified.

4. Add B.S.Detector:
If you are a user of social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, all you have to do is add that feature to the browser or device you are working on, if you want to read an article or story containing strange information on it you will find above that information a clear color alert that appears to be the wrong or unreliable information And it doesn't even have a source.

5. Add Fact Check:
It is an application that will not use the browser, it is similar to the browser, but it contains an icon, and just because you write or search for a page or a specific site will appear immediately if this site is fake and contains false or undocumented information.